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It could be results in the motor, or even the motor alone — it’s hard to say without the need of having the ability to exam issues. At best, it’s a corroded wire at the motor — Allow’s hope for that.

so i just invested seven hours on my again yesterday altering the transfer scenario just to find out that it is suppsed to get that way. i am out of my head rigth now Which has to be among the list of worst mechanically involved Careers I've at any time been involved with.

Chris says: February 12, 2008 at 10:48 pm Many thanks for that reply Kyle. Due to time as well as the temperature exterior in sunny Buffalo NY, I gained’t be seeking anything tonight. I'm endeavoring to do every little thing at work on lunch where its heat. To obvious up a couple of issues, I have checked the TCCM. I pulled the quilt off and checked the insides and all appears to be like great. Rusty on the out but no indicator of corrosion inside the TCCM or maybe the plug. I've visually inspected the EM connector numerous times. I've tugged within the wires, and it appears for being in excellent condition, no corrosion or apparant broken wires. For the reason that final article, I have exchanged the new EM with another new 1 which just one is exhibiting similar problem so I am 99.99% positive it isn’t the motor. The previous EM labored when I tapped it with the mallet, but only for a brief time, essentially very long sufficient to get me in 2-hi. Both new EMs haven't labored. What is de facto bothering me is The truth that The brand new EM is mounted and no blown fuse. Yesterday when I to start with set it in, the fuse blew in a moment of commencing my truck.

) and I don’t know if it should be hot in the event the transmission is in neutral or one other way around — you’ll really need to determine that component out. What I would do is commence the vehicle and take a look at wire 31 for ability — then (certainly, with the aid of an acquaintance), put the car or truck in equipment and take a look at it once again — ultimately, set the car in neutral and examination it once again. I would *Believe* neutral and park needs to be exactly the same (I’d must examination mine to see) and also the voltage might be the compliment in the event the car or truck is in almost any equipment.

Hi Les — I didn’t recognize that Raymond had uploaded them into a file server — I believed they were being A part of a web-site that stored that facts (ie.

Now, This can be my latest issue. If I unplug the TCCM, then plug it back in This can be what transpires. I commence motor vehicle, 2HI is lit and it can be in fact in 2hi. When I press 4HI it goes in best. If I then press 2HI the 2HI gentle flashes (and you'll hear the encoder motor transferring and clicking under) Though the 2HI gentle stops flashing following a number of seconds and it stays in 4HI with that mild illuminated.

What I would do is test the button assembly wires within the TCCM. If I’m not mistaken, I think that the buttons are pulled large (+5VDC) and floor out on urgent them (I can be Mistaken, so you should double Verify!). So, I’d test each among the list of button assembly wires within the TCCM. The must all be the exact same without having buttons pressed.

I discovered a forum where a guy experienced an issue where Get the facts his 99 Blazer wouldn't shift to 4HI. When he pushed the 2HI button, the light flashed but very little transpired.

Maintain your eyes on eBay — I just saw a single Select $135 that a man purchased brand-new 6 months back which is scrapping the truck. You'll find them on the Chevy supplier, but They can be appropriate around the $500 mark — ouch!

should i be unplugging my tccm and resetting the method right after i alter to encoder motor. I believed it absolutely was a transfer case proplem simply because I assumed it was binding up instead of letting teh encoder motor start off in 2wd.

Hopefully, Additionally, it presents Many others the encouragement / self-confidence to tackle jobs similar to this on their own!

OK, so how the heck am I gonna deal with this? I am able to only imaging what GM would wish to do (go through as “harness substitute”… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$). And from asking around about obtaining a replacement plug, my only alternative will be a scrap property.

As I explained, I have not tested any from the button wires, as I have not had that specific difficulty (nonetheless) — so, prior to deciding to try this, you will want to verify what I am indicating is true.

For every your aforementioned assistance, I've checked the module to see when there is any obvious corrosion but there isnt any. have any strategy regarding how to deal with this??

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